Expérience interactive « Planète Sapin » – Galeries Lafayette

Interactive experience
at Galeries Lafayette

Interactive experience - galeries lafayette - EYS installation
Photo : Bonjour Lab - Julya Baisson

"Planet Tree", an immersive and interactive Christmas tale.

Les Galeries Lafayette called on the creative agency " Bonjour Lab " to design and produce an interactive installation based on the tale "Planet Tree" by Florent Chavouet.

The installation is totally immersive thanks to the use of 6 ultra-short-throw video projectors synchronized with the EYS software.

Visitors interact with the live visuals by waving their hands which are tracked with sensors hidden in the set.

The project was prepared with an EYS Designer and broadcasted on site with an EYS Player 6 outputs license put on a dedicated computer.

Experience & scenography design, production and development: Bonjour Lab 

Design: Ossature Production

Multimedia Integration: AP-01 Studio

Mapping & blending on site: Digital Essence

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