Expérience interactive « Planète Sapin » – Galeries Lafayette

Interactive experience
at Galeries Lafayette

Interactive experience - galeries lafayette - EYS installation
Photo : Bonjour Lab - Julya Baisson

"Planet Tree", an immersive and interactive Christmas tale.

Les Galeries Lafayette called on the creative agency " Bonjour Lab " to design and produce an interactive installation based on the tale "Planet Tree" by Florent Chavouet.

The installation is totally immersive thanks to the use of 6 ultra-short-throw video projectors synchronized avec le logiciel HeavyM Pro.

Visitors interact with the live visuals by waving their hands which are tracked with sensors hidden in the set.

Le projet a été préparé puis diffusé sur site avec une licence HeavyM Pro mise sur un serveur 6 sorties dédié.

Experience & scenography design, production and development: Bonjour Lab 

Design: Ossature Production

Multimedia Integration: AP-01 Studio

Mapping & blending on site: Digital Essence

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