Dynamic showcase - Puma

"Courir" storefront - Puma project

Courir x Puma - Cover Top

Semi-permanent installation in the storefront of a Courir in Les Halles shopping mall

To promote a new pair of sneakers, the brand Puma has dynamized the front window of a Courir store. 

The objective is to attract the eye of the passers-by, to create surprise and generate interest, while giving a technological image to the brand.

Pendant 3 semaines, l’installation a fonctionné en autonomie grâce au logiciel HeavyM Pro+ et l’utilisation d’un serveur dédié connecté à un vidéoprojecteur de 6000 lumens.

The system starts automatically in the morning at the opening of the store and turns off when the lights go out in the evening.

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