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EYS is a powerful ecosystem of products for simply creating and deploying large-scale visual experiences.

Creation software

EYS Designer®

Broadcast solutions (optional)

EYS Player® | EYS Server® | EYS Sync®

Digital Essence - EYS Solution

2 steps: Imagine and Deploy

Conceive with EYS Designer®

Design, test and realize all your visual experiences with the powerful creation software : EYS Designer®.

The simplicity of use coupled with the features of the software allow to achieve all types of projects, even the most ambitious.

Interface EYS Designer

Broadcast with the EYS range

Choose the most suitable solution for your project: 

  • Live broadcasting on video projectors
  • Video export of the project
  • Use of an EYS Server
  • Synchronization of several servers with EYS Sync®
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