EYS launch offers – Pro customers

EYS Launch Offers

Local tax is not included in the prices.


1 free EYS Designer® license

for the purchase of 1 EYS Player®

The EYS Player® are stand-alone media servers to be deployed on site of your permanent installations. They are specifically designed to read and play the creations of the EYS Designer® software.

Media server
EYS Player® Max

  • 4 video outputs 4K 3840x2160px + 1 monitor output
  • Compact design = 179x37x183 mm
  • Light weight = 1,4 kg
  • Ready to use: the complete software is already configured


public price

launch offer price = 30% off


+ Free EYS Designer® lifetime license


Our stations are equipped with the latest components for fantastic performance.


Enjoy a cluster of technology in mini format units! 

High reliability

Don't worry! We guarantee an exceptional material tested and approved in our offices.

or upgrade to EYS Designer® for an exceptional price!

Lifetime license of EYS Designer®

  • Unlimited video outputs
  • Unlimited output resolutions (4K, 8K, 16K)
  • Remote content modification
  • Automation of the projects


public price


launch offer price = 35% off


pour les 20 premiers. Restants : 0

What are the differences between HeavyM and EYS?

EYS was built on the same graphics engine as HeavyM, but goes further in terms of performance and features:
EYS Unlimited 1500 (1)


Unlimited outputs and resolutions

  • Use as many projectors and screens as you like!
  • Design shows with very high resolutions!
  • No limitations to produce large-scale projects or to create immersive spaces. 


Perfect synergy with EYS Player®

  • Stand-alone media servers designed specifically to play EYS Designer® projects
  • Great work tools that give you peace of mind


Automation of the projects

  • Automatic launch of the EYS software at computer startup
  • Even in case of power failure
  • Automatic loading of the project when opening EYS


Remote content modification

  • Save your project as an .eys file
  • Upload this project to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Your EYS Player® retrieve the new file to update the mapping automatically


If I already have a HeavyM Pro, license, can I upgrade to EYS?

Yes, of course. You don't have to buy a new license. Normally, you should pay the difference between Pro and EYS, i.e. 1499-359=1140€.
But with the current offer, the upgrade price is even lower ! It is 999€ or 899€ if you are one of the first twenty customers.

Are updates and technical support included with the EYS software? 

Yes! With EYS, you get 1 year of free updates (or 1 year extension for HeavyM customers), as well as premium technical support via email and live chat with screen sharing.

What are the technical specifications of the EYS Player® Max ?

Processor : Intel Core i5-11500T / graphics card : Nvidia T600 4 Go GDDR6 / RAM : 16 Go DDR4-3200 Mhz / Hard drive : M.2 512 Go SSD /

Power supply External 170W included / Connectics : 5 ports USB-A, 1 port RJ45, 1 antenne dipôle Wi-Fi, 1 HDMI, 4 mini-DisplayPort / Windows 10 – 64 bits

Can I use EYS Designer® without an EYS Player® ?

Yes, it is possible. First, you need to install EYS Designer® on a compatible computer. Then, load the finalized project on one of your EYS Player® on your client's site.

EYS Designer® cannot be installed on the EYS Player®. There is already a software installed on the Player to read and play the projects created by the Designer.


How long does it take for items to be delivered?

EYS software : You will receive your EYS license key by email. For HeavyM customers, we have to transform your HeavyM license into an EYS license, the delay is a few hours maximum.
EYS Player : Delivery in 3 weeks, anywhere in the world.

Is the payment secure?

The transaction is secured by the company Fastspring which supports a wide range of options: Credit card, PayPal, Amazon Payments, bank transfer, check, or money order.