EYS Designer software

EYS Designer®

The simplest software to create permanent visual installations

License 1 month: 149€/$

Lifetime license: 1499€/$

Interface - EYS Designer
Récompenses EYS Designer

Software built on a decade of expertise and field projects

The result of years of experience in projection mapping and in the event/audiovisual industry, EYS revolutionizes the conception and deployment of permanent installations with a software that is ultra simple and quick to use.

EYS, the ultimate mapping software

  • Ultra-clear and neat interface
  • Fluid and quick actions
  • Create mappings in minutes

Take control and navigate through the software easily. EYS and its ultra clear interface allow you to elaborate and manage multiple ambitious projects in a few clicks. 

EYS Designer on site

Design, test and broadcast with ease

  • No loading time
  • No rendering time
  • Real-time creation and iterations

Discover smooth and seamless creation with EYS. Import your content and iterate with the built-in tools. No loading time, no rendering time! Your changes are visible live without waiting.

Video management in EYS

Be the most serene tech on the team

  • Powerful 4x4K graphics engine
  • Change your content remotely
  • Manage multiple projects on different sites simultaneously

The software is the heart of the EYS ecosystem: control and modify every project right from it. Work with reliable technology and deal calmly with last-minute requests, whether on or off-site.

Technician on EYS Designer

Ready to sublimate the venues of all your customers?

Enhance any space and bring it to life by delivering sensational immersive experiences with ease.

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EYS Designer®, the partner you always dreamed of having

EYS Designer® is a complete solution with features perfectly tailored to the creation of permanent video mapping installations.

Interface EYS Designer

Choosing EYS Designer® is the guarantee to design and produce spectacular projects. The simplicity of use coupled with the functionalities of the software ensures the creation of all types of installations, even the most ambitious.

EYS Unlimited 1500 (1)

Unlimited outputs and resolutions

  • Use as many projectors and screens as you like!
  • Design shows with very high resolutions!
  • No limitations to produce large-scale projects or to create immersive spaces. 

Perfect synergy with EYS Player®

  • Stand-alone media servers designed specifically to play EYS Designer® projects
  • Great work tools that give you peace of mind

Automation of the projects

  • Automatic launch of the EYS software at computer startup
  • Even in case of power failure
  • Automatic loading of the project when opening EYS

Remote content modification

  • Save your project as an .eys file
  • Upload this project to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Your EYS Player® retrieve the new file to update the mapping automatically

Create in a few clicks!

  • Integrated content library
  • Import your photos, videos, gifs
  • Export your projects as videos

Enjoy powerful technical tools

  • Multi-videoprojection - Unlimited outputs
  • Edge-Blending – Unlimited resolutions
  • Warping of outputs and contents

Control EYS perfectly

  • MIDI / OSC / Art-Net compatible
  • Audio Synchronization
  • Stream via Syphon/Spout/NDI

Go further with EYS Player®

  • Change media remotely
  • Automation of contents
  • Seamless integration with EYS Player®

EYS Designer® Product Details

System requirements

Operating system

Windows: 8, 10 and 11 (64 bits)

macOS: From 10.13 to now

EYS is compatible with Apple M1 chips via the Rosetta 2 software


Intel Core I5 2.30GHz, 4 Cores
4GB of RAM
Dedicated graphics card (Nvidia / AMD) with 2GB of VRAM
500MB of free disk space


Intel Core I5 2.30GHz, 4 Cores
8GB of RAM
NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD RX580 or better
500MB of free disk space

Technical specifications

Video/photo format

mp4, mov, png, jpeg

Video codecs

AppleProRes, H264, H265

Control protocols

MIDI, DMX, OSC, Keyboard

Compatible with all displays

EYS Designer® is compatible with all VGA, DVI and HDMI video projectors. All LED screens on the market can also be used with the software.

We are here to help you

Do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your projects and needs. Guaranteed response within a few hours.

Deploy your installations with the EYS Player® broadcast station

Powerful and compact, EYS Player® is deployed on-site to play your EYS Designer® projects. 

EYS Player